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01 Apr 2021
MVI Equity AB divests Noxon to Beijer Tech

On the 1st of April 2021, MVI Equity AB (“MVI”) signed the SPA for the divestment of Noxon AB ( and simultaneously closed the transaction.

MVI acquired the Company in February 2011 and has during the ten-year holding period transformed the Company from a manufacturing focused business to a service focused business with higher and more stable revenues as well as increased profit margins. Specific initiatives that were successfully implemented include a professionalisation of the aftermarket offering and widening of the applications where the Noxon decanters can be used.

Noxon develops, sells, manufactures and service decanter centrifuges used for separating particles from liquid. Noxon´s customers range from local authority water treatment plant, large-scale biogas plant to local laundries. Noxon´s mission includes making dewatering more effective which ensures greater cost savings and environmental impact reduction.

MVI’s Partner, Stefan Karlsson, commented on the transaction: “MVI is proud of the way Noxon has developed during the time MVI has owned the company. We believe that Beijer Tech is the perfect owner for the company’s future development.”

Read full press release on following link.

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30 Mar 2021
Biototal acquires Mewab to support circular growth and expansion of the company’s service offering

Biototal has acquired Mewab – a company active within circular solutions for Biosolids, Biofertilizers and lime mud. . Mewab within business area Agriculture is a leading provider of lime mud that is used to optimize the soil’s PH level. Other business areas include Recycling with collection of sludge and other organic waste and production of e.g. topsoil, raw compost as well as  design and operation of landfills in Sweden. Mewab was founded in 1986 and with theirheadquarters in Karlstad, Sweden. FY20 revenues amounted to approx. SEK70m and the acquisition extends Biototal’s service offering as well as geographical presence.

“Biototal is a creative and expansive company with a stable growth since its founding in 2006. Biototal operates within the environmental technology sector including  innovative circular solutions for future handling of scarce resources to create long term sustainable solutions between city, land, and sea. Mewab is engaged in the same field. Through the acquisition, both companies are strengthened, and several synergy effects are realized, e.g., Mewab´s long term handling and distribution of lime mud as well as their  geographical presence in south/south western Sweden. We are looking forward to an exciting journey together”, says Mike Helber (CEO of Biototal)

“Biototal strives to become the leading supplier of circular products to the agricultural industry. Through the acquisition of Mewab with its market-leading position in lime mud, we broaden the product offering with something that is a strong natural complement to the company’s existing products. We simply believe that the two companies are stronger together and now we will continue on our sustainable growth journey!” says Stefan Karlsson, partner MVI

MVImajority owner of Biototal, is an active growth investor in the Nordic setting, supporting driven entrepreneurs to take the next steps in their business. Together with the entrepreneur, MVI can add competence and knowledge within a wide array of areas, to create the next generation of Nordic companies.

For more information, please contact:
Mike Helber, CEO Biototal                                 Stefan Karlsson, Partner MVI
+46 (0) 73 201 01 20                                            +46 (0) 70 601 00 39                               

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09 Mar 2021
Art Clinic in collaboration with Integrum

The first operation has now been successfully performed at Art Clinic with Integrum’s OPRATM Implant System. The operation went “by the book” and another amputated patient can look forward to a new life, “says Professor Rickard Brånemark, Chief Physician and Chairman of the Board of Integrum AB.

The operation took place in a clinic in Jönköping, together with a team from Art Clinic and Integrum. Operations such as this require a unique collaboration between orthopedists and plastic surgeons and requires high demands on highly specialized care.

”Art Clinic and Integrum has today taken a huge step together towards the future with help of surgery, research and technology. ” Says Niclas Andersson, Cheif Physician at Art Clinic.

Integrum AB has been active in the field of skeletal anchored, osseointegrated prostheses for over 30 years. The OPRATM Implant System is used in healthcare all over the world. Art Clinic and Integrum’s collaboration has built a ‘Center of Excellence’ in osseointegrated prostheses, making Art Clinic the only private clinic in the Nordic region that can offer this type of prosthesis to patients.

Looking at the future, the idea is for Art Clinic to help more patients getting a new life with this new technology and continue to grow and develop the Center of Excellence forward together with Integrum.

Read the full article in Swedish here.

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18 Feb 2021
SMP and Volvo in new collaboration

A new global partnership between SMP and Volvo, new technical development to get Volvos machines compatible with SMP Parts Tiltrotators.

Smart Connect is the name for the techonolgy that will make it possible for machinery and tiltrotator to communicate over both functionality and technical data.

The new solution will save time and give a better accuracy, it will also provide all necessary information from the machines original joystick.

Read more about the article, in Swedish, here.

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02 Feb 2021
EFN reports on PS Auction, and how it is for entrepreneurs to sell their company to Private Equity

EFN, the finance channel with focus on the stock exchange, finance, and entrepreneurship, has recently published a news coverage about PS Auction.

PS Auction was founded in 1958 as the auction firm Pettersson and Son, with new owners taking over the business in the early 2000’s. After a record year in 2019, MVI stepped in as a new majority owner during 2020.

Per Henriksson, CEO PS Auction, and Lars Liljedahl, previous majority owner, share their thoughts on the investment. Per Henriksson argues that one can combine familiarity with accelerated decision making in order to grow.

Please follow this link (in Swedish) to access the report. Please also visit PS Auction’s website.

PS Auction’s vision is that “Fully useable products should never go to waste again.”

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