We are a pragmatic team of entrepreneurs and business developers. We do everything in our power to help small and mid-sized companies develop and flourish.


We want to speed up the creation of healthy Nordic companies. Companies that you can trust, that work for everyone in a win-win, and that create the reality we all want to live in tomorrow. We live in a world that is changing rapidly. The number of global and local challenges that we face are growing by the day. The companies showing a deep understanding of themselves and their role in a bigger societal context, are the ones shaping our culture and economies.

How we create value
At our core, we’re idea-driven and curious. We identify megatrends early – using our expertise in themes that benefit from underlying trends, such as digitalisation, circularity and social change. Our ability to spot opportunities relies on a profound Nordic network and our own systematic research. A big part of our value creation comes from simply spending a lot of time getting to know our entrepreneurs, to truly understand their drivers and together shape the future business plan.
We know, we've been there
Our founders have worked alongside each other for twenty years and have started and grown several companies together. They understand how much passion, energy, time, risk and grit is needed, how lonely it can get, and how much is at stake. We also know that growth is so much more than the bottom line. It’s about the mindset that helps you see possibilities and act. It’s also about being a home for people to explore, grow and give their best.
How we build
We consistently grow our companies. Our success lies in our ability to consolidate an industry through a “buy and build” approach and to invest in strong organic growth. But our true super power stems from the trust and relationship we have with the people on board – sharing a joint vision and story of what to achieve and why.