Before we dig into designing the best possible growth journey for a company, we first ask: “Will growing this company be a win-win for all stakeholders, including nature and future generations?”

“It is easy to fall in love with growth. We want to contribute to growth that matters, growth that serves the system we are all part of.”

Falk Wahlström,Director
Our value creation
We are idea driven – identifying trends early, using our expertise in themes that benefit from underlying trends, such resource scarcity and digitisation of analog industries. Another strong factor is our ability to consolidate an industry through a “buy and build” and strong organic growth. Lakers and Flow are great examples of that.
There is a saying, “together is better”. It’s true. We work closely with our companies and invest time understanding what drives them, before shaping the business plan together. For an entrepreneur or company leader to dare to grow – they need inspiration and to be challenged and stretched beyond their comfort zone. But before that happens, there has to be trust. Trust can only happen when there is a mutual belief that “yes, we understand each other, we are on the same wavelength, and we care about each other”. Only then are we all ready to begin.
What we typically work on with
our companies

Define the purpose and values

The purpose sets the direction for the strategy and the products and services. The values embed the way we interact with each other and people around us. It ensures clarity on where we are heading and what we are expecting to accomplish.

Analyse the value chain

Understand industry trends and where value will be found in the future. Where is growth coming from and how is the company sustainable?

Developing the organisation

Change takes time but it is key to release a company’s potential. It happens when you have the right people onboard and empower them to make decisions in line with the purpose and values, creating conditions for self-leadership.

Give decision making guidance

Make the right decision by making it personal. Before any decision is made, ask yourself: If my child or good friend worked here, would they appreciate this decision?


An organisation that is agile and innovative is able to walk a prosperous path in a world where the map is constantly changing.


Future proof the business via digitalisation, enabling, for example, improved customer experiences, automation and better decisions.

Evaluate M&A

We take a deep dive into the M&A landscape to understand if consolidation of the industry is a feasible way to build value.

Investing for a new horizon

Investing in new products, services, and markets creates more immediate growth and value.

“Our ambition is to create an ecosystem between our companies where they can co-create, share learnings, ideas and practices, together.”

Daniel Nilsson, Partner