Water and Sewerage
Carl-Johan Callenholm
Year of sale
Chairman of the Board
Karl Sohlberg
(at exit) SEK ~250-300m
MVI inspired and challenged us in a good way so that we could be at our best and grow.
Carl-Johan Callenholm

Turning water pumps into energy savers

MVI made its first investment in the Lakers in February 2016. In total, MVI made ten acquisitions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Turnover increased from ~60 million SEK up to ~280 million SEK in 2018. With MVI, Lakers built a strong management team and implemented several operational improvements across the group, including common sales processes and pricing strategy. The original business plan was very well executed, leading to Summa Equity's acquisition and strong interest in continuing Lakers' growth journey.

What we have achieved

- Acquired and consolidated 10 pump service companies across Sweden, Norway and Denmark in less than 2.5 years, compared to the expected 4-5 years.

- United all companies around a strong purpose and culture, keeping and attracting people who share the same values and vision for the company.

- Strengthened organisation and structure; a strong management team, operational improvements including common sales processes and pricing strategies.

- Delivered in an impressive way on the business plan.

- Increased the turnover from ~SEK60m up to ~SEK280m in less than three years

- Created a Nordic group active in the water, wastewater, construction services and industrial segments.


The Lakers were the result of MVI's own research into themes that address problems related to urbanisation and global warming. Increased building activity in urban areas meant that less suitable sites were used, while more extreme weather with heavy rainfall created problems with flooding. Lakers were really engaged in solving these environmental and water management challenges. Because pump service was a highly fragmented industry, Lakers was a textbook example of consolidation and of building real value by creating synergies that these small companies could not do on their own. Together with a management team recruited from the industry, MVI managed to create a Nordic group operating in water, wastewater, construction services and industrial segments in less than three years.


In September 2018, MVI sold Lakers to Summa Equity, a Nordic private equity fund with a focus on resource efficiency and solving environmental issues. Since then, Summa has successfully continued its growth journey in Northern Europe, further proving the strength of MVI's initial adoption/tes.