Skin care and beauty products
Marcus Johansson
Linda Johansen
Year of sale
Chairman of the Board
Johan Bäcke
SEK ~50m
Daniel Nilsson
Falk Wahlström

Creating an independent global brand in beauty products

In the midst of the first COVID-19 wave, we were determined to continue to invest. There was this one company that truly impressed us, strong and resilient in times of big uncertainty. Linda JC. A premium skincare and beauty brand, selling directly to customers through their own ecommerce store.

We agreed to invest in the company in April 2020. We were already on the lookout for interesting companies where we could use all that we’ve learned from earlier investments in beauty e-commerce. Like in the case of Nordic Feel. There is so much value that lies in that; the lessons learned, how to choose the best e-commerce strategies, the importance of influencer networks, carrying your own brands and more.

We met with the Linda JC team in the fall of 2019. Even after just a few meetings, there was a strong feeling of mutual trust and conviction that we would be a great partner to grow Linda JC into a global indie skincare brand.

The interest for high-tech skincare among women is strong, especially in the 35-55 age span. Linda JC has grown well in recent years thanks to high quality products, happy loyal customers, and subscription-based revenues. Their  attractive and very profitable business model makes us believe that Linda JC can become a leader in this niche.

Johan Bäcke is a man who will play an important role on this growth journey. An experienced industrial advisor with several successful beauty industry ventures under his belt, he has also invested in the company and will serve as its chairman. Needless to say, Linda Johansen’s passion and drive are also key.

United as a team, we will do everything we can to see Linda JC blossom into a global flower.