Accounting and advisory services
Emma Strömfelt
Year of sale
Chairman of the Board
Henrik Rättzén
SEK ~260m
Stefan Karlsson
Mårten Werner

A digitisation journey in the world of accounting

Bfree was set up to digitise accounting services so that accountants could have more time to support their clients to grow in a better way.

We came into contact with the founders in the summer of 2020. They had come a long way in building their software but were mostly using it in their own accounting firm. The time was ripe to look up and change the industry.

MVI has many years of experience in digitising industries and developing software, for example through its investments in NoxFinans and Flow Real Estate Values. We understood the power of truly applying a digital way of working. Together we devised a strategy to attract like-minded companies across Sweden and build a group of accounting firms with a digitised way of working.

By autumn 2021, the pieces of the puzzle were in place. The focus was clear. Bfree would help primarily smaller clients by offering a digitised bookkeeping service with personal service. All customers would be supported to grow their business.

We are a committed group of investors on this growth journey. In addition to MVI, which is the majority shareholder, the vendors, management as well as industry advisors are investing in Bfree. The potential is great. Small business owners are in great need of support to dare to grow further; to expand their ideas of what is possible and see the steps to get there.