Green infrastructure products
Anders Brattwall
Year of sale
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Daniel Nilsson
Mårten Werner

Solutions for greener and smarter cities

For quite some time we had been looking to invest in companies that combine the two megatrends of circularity and urbanisation. We found that with Treeco, a knowledge partner for green infrastructure. Already after a few meetings with the owners we felt aligned as we shared the same values and even the vision for the company.

As municipalities are increasing their responsibility to transition into green infrastructure, the company was positioned perfectly – creating a better life quality for people while proactively catering for negative effects of extreme weather, that we will see more of in the future. By increasing the number of urban trees and plants, water is buffered in the soil, avoiding floodings of streets and in buildings. During summertime, trees are natural air-conditioning devices, as each tree emits moisture up to thirty meters around itself.

To facilitate greener and smarter cities, we partner with those who plan and build green infrastructure. Typically, landscape architects, garden designers as well professionals in the construction sector are our customers. People who work to improve existing environments or to create new green areas, often linked to new infrastructure or property projects.

How do we know which trees, plants and greens are optimal over a long period of time in a specific place and climate? Beyond that, how will it fit in aesthetically? Well, the matter is complex and requires a lot of expertise. There are thousands of plants and trees with special characteristics that thrive in different habitats.

This is exactly why Treeco’s solution is premium priced. It includes research and advice to ensure the right choice of trees and plants to optimise their lifespan, while designing solutions that limit the effects from excessive rain or heat.

The number of trees and plants that we need to offer is broad, which is why we cultivate only about half the assortment we sell, while the rest comes from our curated network of partners throughout Europe.

We are very passionate about the solutions we can offer. Gradually, we will expand in the Nordics, as well as to central Europe to meet the growing need for our services. Soon, we will also design digital ways for our clients to tap into our knowledge and expertise.

We will do everything in our power to raise the expertise in the industry of how to use the natural power of trees and plants to create smart green cities.

It is a truly meaningful journey we are on; transforming into a knowledge company, providing sustainable solutions, and expanding to serve more and more cities in need of green infrastructure.