Electric drives and power systems
Tom Gustavsson
Year of sale
Chairman of the Board
Tomas Therén
SEK ~400m
Stefan Karlsson
Christian Bylock

Local experts in electric motors with energy efficiency as a mission

As the world is focusing on energy efficiency, the number of electric motors needed is increasing by the day and is estimated to double by 2040. Nordic Drives Group companies specialise in electric drives and power systems and are experts in electric motors, frequency converters and industrial automation.

The group came about in 2021 as we explored the possibility of using our experience from similar industries and combining Nordic companies with the expertise in electric motors. The potential for synergies and expansion, along with the strong entrepreneurial spirit that we found, inspired us to build what is today the Nordic Drives Group.

Across our local companies we collaborate and exchange ideas and solutions so that we can be proactive, reliable and ensure that the Nordic process industry and OEMs have the right high-end equipment and energy efficiency solutions to fulfil their climate commitments and production goals. Under its own brand, Fabrika, Nordic Drives Group can customize electric motors, serving both Nordic process industry and OEMs with swift support, logistics and knowledge.

Nordic Drives Group focuses on high customer attention and knowledge. In close collaboration with our clients, our experts increase resource and energy efficiency, and reduce leakage throughout the product and service lifecycle. Our local experts are supported by the group management; CEO, CFO, strategic procurement, marketing and sales specialists. Nordic Drives Group has strong local presence in Denmark and Sweden.

Our intention for the coming years is to expand in the Nordics, to develop even more synergies and to become the leader within electric motors and related products.