Security services and installation
Pontus Skårner
Year of sale
Chairman of the Board
Håkan Winberg
Daniel Nilsson
We got so much energy from the speed of things, a positive sense of urgency, backed with wise and fast decision-making.
Håkan Winberg
Chairman of the Board

We create intelligent security solutions

We had been following the security sector for many years. The security industry had fantastic fundamental trends, underpinned by increased uncertainty in the society, and an exciting digitalization of the security industry, soon becoming software companies.

What we did here was a traditional example of an idea-driven approach. We started mapping the whole industry, looking at multiple companies, and quickly realised that the B2B market for technical security was very fragmented, a large market, and also fast-growing – which was very attractive for a buy and build case. Interesting hypotheses and business development ideas began to take shape.

We started mapping companies, cold-calling them, and soon we had two quality companies that we wished to combine as a platform for the case. We deliberately started with a strong foundation in Stockholm as it was the most advanced market representing substantial value.

Great Security is a great industrial buy and build. We grew the company from SEK 100 to 600 million in just two years and combined eight companies. We were market leaders in Sweden, and we have only just started. We recruited Håkan Winberg, the former deputy CEO of Securitas, as chairman, and he has done an amazing job - helped in part because he knows everyone in the security industry. He was part of the Securitas team that took the organisation from SEK 1 to 100 billion in turnover.

We worked very consciously on building a strong culture. The slogan “Yes we’re GREAT!” reveals a lot about the company spirit. Investing heavily in defining the best practices and rebranding the companies to Great Security, helped them be perceived as, and behave as, one company. Today, they follow best practices and help each other solve problems like a big family and people get in touch to be hired, a great sign of trust.

In just a couple of years, Great Security has reached a market leading position in Sweden. The priority this year is on pricing, standardisation, and to develop security as a service, which has a fantastic potential.