Fertilising an agro-circular leader
Mike Helber
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Stefan Karlsson
Mårten Werner

Fertilising an agro-circular leader

Biototal is about circular solutions for agriculture that ensure no waste goes to waste. The products consist of recycled residues from wastewater treatment plants and biogas plants and are primarily used to fertilise agricultural land.

Few people know that circular plant nutrition is an important prerequisite for a sustainable society. As entrepreneurs and investors, we are happy to help Biototal grow while doing good for our society.

Since 2006, the two founders, Tomas Kjellquist and Jan Nystedt, have shaped the company in response to farmers' greatest need - sustainable solutions for food production.

We have been studying Biototal since 2019, but waited a bit. They needed to grow for a while more on their own. And they did by far, both in terms of customer base, capacity and performance. We were impressed. Revenues had been growing steadily thanks to strong confidence from suppliers who had chosen to enter into long-term collaboration contracts. Biototal's great team with unique skills and strong cash flow was really appealing to invest in.

How will we continue to grow? Through organic growth and by joining forces with carefully hand-picked companies. There is also great market potential for sludge and residue extraction and for fertiliser pellets. Biototal knows how to extract in such a way that no waste is wasted, and how to refine it and diversify its use, for example by adding essential nutrients. Waste is fascinating in an unexpected way, because there is no waste in nature, one organism's waste is another's fuel.

In addition to MVI, which is the majority shareholder, the two founders, as well as industrial advisors who sit on the board, suppliers and management, also invest in the company.

We are really proud of Biototal. Thanks to their commitment and expertise in chemistry, biology and agronomy, as well as research, they have created system solutions that benefit everyone - the planet, people and profits.