Specialist care
Ronnie Pettersson
Year of sale
Chairman of the Board
Carola Lemne
(2017) SEK ~250-300m
(2017) ~150
Stefan Karlsson
Mårten Werner
When I realised that MVI really understood me and respected my company's DNA, I could relax and feel fully confident.
Ronnie Pettersson

Making specialist surgery a safe experience

Art Clinic is a very good example of following a demographic long-term trend. There is a clear “older, fatter, richer” trend in the world. We consume more healthcare and aesthetic care to feel better about our physical body.

We actually found the company via a broker, which is quite unusual for us. We had looked closely at health care for some time and saw that the need for reconstructive-aesthetic surgery was increasing by the day.

The market for plastic surgery has grown ten percent annually in Sweden and Norway during the last five years, driven by increased social acceptance and higher disposable income for women.

So how did we manage to buy Art Clinic, a profitable growing business? The answer is simple. We were the preferred buyer. We built a great rapport and understanding with the founder and main owner Ronnie Pettersson – a true professional and entrepreneur who preferred to expand the clinic with a partner he could trust, rather than go for the best price tag.

This trust is crucial in the execution of the business and expansion plan, but also when it comes to trusting that Art Clinic really lives up to its promise to be the best clinic that truly cares about its patients and It is important that Art Clinic at all times acts responsibly.

Our full focus is on growing both existing clinics, as well as opening new clinics and consolidating smaller players, first in Sweden and then in the Nordics.