When clever digging serves the environment and the results.

By Daniel Nilsson

”Your wish might just come true, the founder of SMP could be ready to sell.”, read the message from our industrial advisor. Was this the opportunity we had been waiting for? We went to Gothenburg to find out.

SMP was the leading manufacturer of tiltrotators and security quick couplers, with a complete attachment system for excavators. For quite some time we had been studying the Swedish market for these products. An impressive number of Swedish inventions was at the base of this industry sector. Several industrialists in our network had confirmed our hypothesis; there was a big need for these products, also outside the Nordics. The tiltrotators were easy to like. They were good for the environment as well as for the financial figures, thanks to less fuel consumption, time savings, increased digging precision and lower risk for work injuries.

A few months later, we became majority owner of SMP and started the journey to transform this industrial company into a modern vehicle for growth. Our first step was the onboarding of people with strong industrial skills and an experienced board of directors.

We knew we had a great product portfolio but needed to conceptualize the solutions to expand internationally. Soon, we could see the sales take off in France, Germany, England, Spain and the Benelux countries, as well as in Finland where we established a subsidiary.

Our main focus is on geographical expansion, efficiency and development of the product portfolio.