From dewatering to clean tech solutions

By Stefan Karlsson

We saw a market leader in Noxon as well as great potential to expand its dewatering solutions into new markets and industries, with service and spare parts as a strategic development part of the business.

In close cooperation with the Noxon management team, we appointed a professional board of directors, a new CEO and provided support through a number of operational and strategic initiatives. These included the repositioning of Noxon into a clean tech company, the greenfield expansion into the US and Finland, an add-on acquisition in Poland, and the transition to lean production.

Noxon manufactures and sells decanter centrifuges, polymer machines and in-house manufactured control systems and accessories for dewatering. The products are used for industrial dewatering, oil sludge, slaughterhouse sludge, fish sludge, digested sludge, bio sludge and paper/cellulose sludge.

The products are developed and manufactured in Sweden. The patented design is user-friendly and provides effective dewatering for a line of industries that benefit from both cost savings and positive environmental impact.