Transforming into a high-quality food partner

By Stefan Karlsson

EichKamp and Karl Kemper are producers of frozen pre-prepared meal components mainly serving the German market. In 2014, the two companies were organized under the holding company European Convenience Food GmbH (ECFG).

The Group produces and sells meat and vegetarian dishes via specialized wholesalers in the food service convenience market. They are highly appreciated by end-customers for being innovative and able to adapt to customer needs and deliver high quality products, creating a pull in the market value chain.

In June 2014, we made the planned add-on acquisition of Karl Kemper, the primary competitor of Eichkamp, enabling scale synergies from, for example, uniting the sales forces of Eichkamp and Karl Kemper.

The German market for frozen dishes and meal components is quite underdeveloped compared to the Nordic market. However, there is a strong underlying trend in consumer behaviour towards eating out, whilst meals at home are declining.

ECFG aims to be the leader in terms of sustainability, product quality, customer value, selection of raw materials, know-how in the manufacturing process, consumer-oriented product development, trust and reliability.