Fertilizing an agro-circular leader

By Stefan Karlsson

Biototal is all about circular solutions for agriculture and ensures that no waste goes to waste. Its main products are upcycled residue from wastewater treatment plants and biogas plants – being reused mainly as fertilizer on farmland.

Few people know that circular plant nutrition is a cornerstone for a sustainable society. As entrepreneurs and investors, we are extremely excited to help Biototal grow and, at the same time, do good for our society.

Since 2006, the two company founders, Tomas Kjellquist and Jan Nystedt, have designed Biototal to serve what the farmers need the most – sustainable solutions for food production.

We have had our eyes on Biototal since 2019, but the timing was premature. They needed to grow on their own for a while. And they did; expanding their customer base, capacity and performance. We were impressed. Thanks to long-term contracts with suppliers that trust them, the income had been growing steadily. A great team with a unique expertise, along with a strong cash flow, was an attractive combination.

How will we continue to grow? Well, through organic growth and by joining forces with carefully handpicked companies. Also, there is large market potential for extracting sludge and residuals, and for fertilizer pellets. We can expand and serve a variety of clients. Biototal knows how to extract in such a way that no waste goes to waste, and how to refine it and diversify the use of it, for example by adding important nutrients. We think the world of waste is fascinating, because there is no waste in nature, one organism’s waste is another’s fuel.

It is vital that we think and act as a team. For MVI, the most important prerequisite for our “growth formula” is the trust and relationship we have with all the people on board – sharing a joint vision and story of what to achieve and why.

We are the majority investor, alongside the two founders, industrial advisors who serve on the board, as well as vendors and key management.

We are really proud of Biototal. Their dedication and deep expertise in chemistry, biology and agronomy, and relentless research, have created systemic solutions that are a true win-win for all – the planet, the people, and the profit.