Who we are

We are first and foremost entrepreneurs. Our team has a long experience in starting, building and developing a variety of businesses, adapting fast to new market conditions and opportunities. It is tailored for investing in companies and helping them grow and prosper.

We are a diverse, pragmatic and entrepreneurial team with an impressive network. We all share the passion to develop companies, while having fun.

Meaningful work is important. It means changing something for the better. For this we need people who care. People who get up in the morning with purpose and passion and the persistence to do the work that matters
Stefan and Daniel
Our partners, Stefan Karlsson and Daniel Nilsson, met many years ago at EQT in Stockholm. They both hold an extensive experience, having worked with hundreds of global and Nordic projects and transactions in the world of finance and private equity. But what was truly uniting them was their passion for growing businesses. This passion and the wish to get closer to companies’ realities made them get out of the comfort zone and become entrepreneurs for the next twelve extraordinary years. In 2011, they took over MVI, with the purpose to grow the next generation of Nordic companies.
The team
“I am really passionate about developing and growing companies, especially since they have such a crucial impact on our society.”
“I so much appreciate the creativity in our work – combining insights, ideas and competencies into new and clever ways to grow companies.”
“MVI are great at supporting growth, with extensive experience from many previous growth journeys, both organic and acquisitive. The uniqueness with MVI is the partnership with the entrepreneur, where they distinguish themselves from bigger funds that may view management as easily replaceable.”
Advisory board
Our network
MVI has a large network, also beyond the Nordics, that adds a broad competence and experience to our companies. They are industrialists, entrepreneurs, senior executives and board members of corporations and help us with the sourcing of new deals, strategic evaluations, due diligence, recruitment, board appointments, and interim management positions.