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14 Dec 2021
MVI Fund II closes above the target

MVI closes MVI Fund II above the target – ready to create the next generation of market-leading Nordic companies

Stockholm, 3rd December 2021.

MVI Advisors AB (“MVI”) has reached a final closing on its second private equity fund, MVI Fund II AB (the “Fund” or “Fund II”) with commitments of SEK 1.1 billion, exceeding its target of SEK 1 billion. MVI’s previous fund, MVI Fund I AB (“Fund I”), had commitments of SEK 478 million. The Fund, led by Stefan Karlsson and Daniel Nilsson, is pursuing the successful strategy implemented by MVI since 2011 of completing buyout investments in high-quality, small companies in the Nordic region, with a particular focus on Sweden.

The focus of Fund II is control positions in companies that take advantage of sustainable industry trends, have solid fundamentals, show potential for strong organic growth, and lend themselves to buy-and-build strategies. Stefan Karlsson, Partner at MVI comments:

We are delighted to reach a final close on Fund II of SEK 1.1 billion, an amount significantly larger than our previous fund. It will be used to create the next generation of market-leading Nordic companies. We are grateful to our existing investors for their continued support, and welcome on board our new investors. Our first four investments in the Fund are performing well and we are now focused on a strong pipeline of opportunities.

Elm Capital acted as the global placement agent for the Fund.


For more information please contact:

Stefan Karlsson, Partner MVI Fund II, +46 70 601 00 39 /

Daniel Nilsson, Partner MVI Fund II, +46 70 655 78 52 /

Etienne Deshormes, CEO & Managing Partner, Elm Capital., +44 20 7901 8941 /

About MVI

 MVI is a Stockholm-based private equity firm whose strategy is to invest in small, profitable companies with strong growth potential. The MVI team is comprised of a pragmatic group of entrepreneurs and individuals with a passion for business development.

 We prefer to partner with existing founders and management to help small to mid-size companies develop and grow. The three most important factors behind the value that we create are: thematic, idea-driven sourcing; unique, proprietary deal flow; and expertise in buy and build transactions. We focus on building healthy Nordic companies that are trustworthy, have a positive impact, and contribute to shaping tomorrow’s world. We endeavour to create companies that show a deep understanding of the impact of their business on society and how their role can shape our culture and economies.

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26 Oct 2021
Anders Källström new Chairman of the Board of Biototal

Anders Källström will be the new Chairman of the Board of Biototal. Anders has previously been President and CEO of the Swedish Farmers’ Association (swe: Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund), where he made significant contributions to developing the organization for 10 years.

– “I have worked in the green sector most of my life. When I left LRF, I wanted to do something important or fun, preferably both! It feels really inspiring to step into the Biototal Group, which is an important player in the sustainability work of our time. With my experience from leading roles in several different contexts, I want in the board work to point out strategies that give the companies the best possible conditions for growth”.

Please visit Biototal’s website for more information.

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22 Sep 2021
Maren Werner joins MVI’s investment team

Welcome to our new colleague, Maren Werner, who joined MVI in August 2021.

As a member of the investment team, Maren’s responsibilities include sourcing, value creation, and portfolio management. Maren has extensive experience in finance and private equity. She is initially from Germany and has been working for the Swiss based private equity firm Ufenau Capital Partners for the last 7 years prior to joining MVI.

Maren holds a Master’s degree in Advanced Finance from IE Business School and a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from THI Ingolstadt.

We are certain that Maren’s expertise, in particular around buy-&-build cases, will complement the MVI team and our strategy.

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17 Jun 2021
PS Auction acquires Units and Slag1

PS Auction acquires Units and Slag1 to establish market leading online auction house for surplus goods and bankruptcies.

Stockholm, 16th of June 2021

PS Auction has acquired Auktions- & Värderingshuset U.N.i.T.S AB and Slag 1 AB (“the Targets), creating a market leading online auction group within the market for surplus goods and bankruptcies. The acquisitions will add gross revenues of over SEK 100m to the group alongside solid profitability.

Stemming from the same roots as PS Auction, the Targets operate online auctions through two auction websites: Units and Slag1. The Targets share similar traits to PS Auction, however, with an exclusive focus on bankruptcy auctions, working toward bankruptcy trustees, as well as providing valuation services. Units possesses a market leading position within bankruptcies in Skåne, while Slag 1 complements the offering with a wide offering within liquidations, divestments, and surplus auctions.

The Targets have a strong presence in the geographical areas below Nässjö (southern Sweden) and a market leading position in Skåne. Units is headquartered in Nässjö but has warehouses in Ängelholm and Malmö. Slag 1 is operating without any warehouses as the company performs its auctions online with delivery on site. With a strong local position, the Targets have built a valuable network in the southern parts of Sweden.

MVI alongside PS Auction’s management have identified Units and Slag 1 as a solid addition to the platform. The acquisitions will widen PS Auction’s geographical footprint, especially in southern Sweden, and strengthen the service offering with additional online auction brands. Several synergy effects are realized as the finance function, customer support, IT platform, local management will be handled by PS resources.

MVI sees the acquisitions of the Targets as an important step in PS Auction’s journey toward market leadership within online auctions in the Nordics. The group’s continued strategy is an increased focus on circular growth, delivering sustainable services to clients in the Nordics. Growth will be driven through organic initiatives and acquisitions.

MVI, the majority owner of PS Auction, is an active growth investor supporting driven entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. MVI’s ambition is to create the next generation of Nordic companies.

For more information, please contact:

Stefan Karlsson, Partner MVI
+46 (0) 70 601 00 39,

Per Henriksson, CEO PS Auction
+46 (0) 76 774 73 01,

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16 Jun 2021
PHM Group acquires Flow Fastighetsvärden from MVI Fund I

On June 6th 2021, PHM Group (“PHM”) signed an agreement to acquire Flow Fastighetsvärden (“Flow”), a leading residential property maintenance services provider in Sweden, with revenues of approx. EUR 25 million.

Flow was founded by MVI Fund I (“MVI”) in 2019 to create a one-stop shop for the property maintenance needs of tenant owner associations (swe. bostadsrättsföreningar), offering a high service level and an easy-to-use digital interface for its customers. The group grew from the platform of FF Fastighetsservice AB, to include a further three add-on acquisitions (Förvaltnings AB Graden, PartHalmstad Fastighetsförvaltning AB, Driftia Förvaltning AB), which together provide a leading geographical footprint. MVI led the transformation of Flow, creating structure capital by adding a group management, system support and data driven performance review with key KPIs. Today the group has a total turnover of SEK 250m and 230 employees.

A critical part of MVIs investment thesis was to digitalize an analogue industry. Flow and MVI immediately started building Realnode, a digital property management system, to future proof the company and secure organic growth. Through Realnode’s web-interface and app for iPhone/Android, the users can easily access information, perform board work, and interact with the facility manager.

Flow is acquired from MVI Fund I and a handful of minority shareholders active in the business. MVI Fund I, the management team and minority owners will reinvest in PHM’s ultimate holding company and become shareholders in the group.

The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to be completed in July 2021.

“MVI had the idea and resources to develop Realnode which – combined with Flow’s management team, geographical footprint and strong focus on housing associations – was the key rationale for the acquisition. PHM Group’s Nordic scope, financial resources, and commitment to further drive our business make it an ideal next step for us. We are proud to be part of a larger family and look forward to working closely together with our new colleagues in PHM Group. We hope to contribute with our market experience and that PHM can leverage our Realnode platform across the Nordics.” – Andreas Westin, CEO of Flow Fastighetsvärden AB


For further information, please contact:

Daniel Nilsson, Partner MVI Advisors

Telephone: +46 (0) 70 655 78 52



Flow Fastighetsvärden offers future proof, profitability-creating and scalable property management – for the new generation of properties, property owners and tenant-owner associations. We believe in digitalization and to make it easier for the property owner and the residents to manage their property through our proprietary IT platform.

is a leading private equity company investing in the SME segment. We aim to be a catalyst, facilitating growth and building strong companies domestically in Sweden and the wider Nordics. We work actively with value creation in our portfolio companies through our large network of entrepreneurs and senior executives. MVI is recognized as being good at finding proprietary investment thesis with strong returns for investors. Read more at:

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03 Jun 2021
Great Security acquires Låsmakarna

Great Security continues its growth in the Stockholm region and acquires the locksmith-company Låsmakarna. The company offers complete security solutions within locks and access control systems in central Stockholm. The acquisition is part of Great Security’s strategy of being close to its customers.

Read the full press release, in Swedish, on Great Security’s website on the link below:

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01 Apr 2021
MVI Equity AB divests Noxon to Beijer Tech

On the 1st of April 2021, MVI Equity AB (“MVI”) signed the SPA for the divestment of Noxon AB ( and simultaneously closed the transaction.

MVI acquired the Company in February 2011 and has during the ten-year holding period transformed the Company from a manufacturing focused business to a service focused business with higher and more stable revenues as well as increased profit margins. Specific initiatives that were successfully implemented include a professionalisation of the aftermarket offering and widening of the applications where the Noxon decanters can be used.

Noxon develops, sells, manufactures and service decanter centrifuges used for separating particles from liquid. Noxon´s customers range from local authority water treatment plant, large-scale biogas plant to local laundries. Noxon´s mission includes making dewatering more effective which ensures greater cost savings and environmental impact reduction.

MVI’s Partner, Stefan Karlsson, commented on the transaction: “MVI is proud of the way Noxon has developed during the time MVI has owned the company. We believe that Beijer Tech is the perfect owner for the company’s future development.”

Read full press release on following link.

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30 Mar 2021
Biototal acquires Mewab to support circular growth and expansion of the company’s service offering

Biototal has acquired Mewab – a company active within circular solutions for Biosolids, Biofertilizers and lime mud. . Mewab within business area Agriculture is a leading provider of lime mud that is used to optimize the soil’s PH level. Other business areas include Recycling with collection of sludge and other organic waste and production of e.g. topsoil, raw compost as well as  design and operation of landfills in Sweden. Mewab was founded in 1986 and with theirheadquarters in Karlstad, Sweden. FY20 revenues amounted to approx. SEK70m and the acquisition extends Biototal’s service offering as well as geographical presence.

“Biototal is a creative and expansive company with a stable growth since its founding in 2006. Biototal operates within the environmental technology sector including  innovative circular solutions for future handling of scarce resources to create long term sustainable solutions between city, land, and sea. Mewab is engaged in the same field. Through the acquisition, both companies are strengthened, and several synergy effects are realized, e.g., Mewab´s long term handling and distribution of lime mud as well as their  geographical presence in south/south western Sweden. We are looking forward to an exciting journey together”, says Mike Helber (CEO of Biototal)

“Biototal strives to become the leading supplier of circular products to the agricultural industry. Through the acquisition of Mewab with its market-leading position in lime mud, we broaden the product offering with something that is a strong natural complement to the company’s existing products. We simply believe that the two companies are stronger together and now we will continue on our sustainable growth journey!” says Stefan Karlsson, partner MVI

MVImajority owner of Biototal, is an active growth investor in the Nordic setting, supporting driven entrepreneurs to take the next steps in their business. Together with the entrepreneur, MVI can add competence and knowledge within a wide array of areas, to create the next generation of Nordic companies.

For more information, please contact:
Mike Helber, CEO Biototal                                 Stefan Karlsson, Partner MVI
+46 (0) 73 201 01 20                                            +46 (0) 70 601 00 39                               

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09 Mar 2021
Art Clinic in collaboration with Integrum

The first operation has now been successfully performed at Art Clinic with Integrum’s OPRATM Implant System. The operation went “by the book” and another amputated patient can look forward to a new life, “says Professor Rickard Brånemark, Chief Physician and Chairman of the Board of Integrum AB.

The operation took place in a clinic in Jönköping, together with a team from Art Clinic and Integrum. Operations such as this require a unique collaboration between orthopedists and plastic surgeons and requires high demands on highly specialized care.

”Art Clinic and Integrum has today taken a huge step together towards the future with help of surgery, research and technology. ” Says Niclas Andersson, Cheif Physician at Art Clinic.

Integrum AB has been active in the field of skeletal anchored, osseointegrated prostheses for over 30 years. The OPRATM Implant System is used in healthcare all over the world. Art Clinic and Integrum’s collaboration has built a ‘Center of Excellence’ in osseointegrated prostheses, making Art Clinic the only private clinic in the Nordic region that can offer this type of prosthesis to patients.

Looking at the future, the idea is for Art Clinic to help more patients getting a new life with this new technology and continue to grow and develop the Center of Excellence forward together with Integrum.

Read the full article in Swedish here.

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18 Feb 2021
SMP and Volvo in new collaboration

A new global partnership between SMP and Volvo, new technical development to get Volvos machines compatible with SMP Parts Tiltrotators.

Smart Connect is the name for the techonolgy that will make it possible for machinery and tiltrotator to communicate over both functionality and technical data.

The new solution will save time and give a better accuracy, it will also provide all necessary information from the machines original joystick.

Read more about the article, in Swedish, here.

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02 Feb 2021
EFN reports on PS Auction, and how it is for entrepreneurs to sell their company to Private Equity

EFN, the finance channel with focus on the stock exchange, finance, and entrepreneurship, has recently published a news coverage about PS Auction.

PS Auction was founded in 1958 as the auction firm Pettersson and Son, with new owners taking over the business in the early 2000’s. After a record year in 2019, MVI stepped in as a new majority owner during 2020.

Per Henriksson, CEO PS Auction, and Lars Liljedahl, previous majority owner, share their thoughts on the investment. Per Henriksson argues that one can combine familiarity with accelerated decision making in order to grow.

Please follow this link (in Swedish) to access the report. Please also visit PS Auction’s website.

PS Auction’s vision is that “Fully useable products should never go to waste again.”

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13 Jan 2021
Hans Lidén new Chairman for SMP Parts

“Our new CEO will start in February. With our new management in place and investments in product development and facility upgrades, we have now laid the ground for further profitable growth for SMP”, says Daniel Nilsson, Partner at MVI and the largest owner of SMP. “In addition, I am pleased to announce that Hans Lidén will take over as the Chairman of the board, starting January 2021. With Hans’s broad international industrial experience in various industries, we are now taking the next step to increase SMP´s market presence internationally and in Sweden. Sales to OEM is another focus area for SMP. This is something that Hans has done with great success in his previous positions. Having this experience will be very useful for us. This is an important step in our plan to make SMP the international market leader within our industry.

”We would like to take this opportunity to thank resigning Chairman of the board, Mr Finn Johnsson, for his valuable contribution and effort in developing our company. SMP has also doubled in size during his time as Chairman and launched many new market leading products. We expect this excellent development to continue with the solid foundation that has been put in place, says Mr Mattias Silfversparre (representative of Fouriertransform AB, the second largest owner of SMP) and Mr Daniel Nilsson.”

Finn Johnsson said “As I now approach my sixth SMP Parts year end, we are executing our strategic plan to set the foundation for further growth that will enable SMP Parts to become the industry leader. We have a new Chief Executive and Executive Team in place, and good momentum in delivering this plan. I am happy to hand over the Chair to Hans who has a long and successful executive career and I am pleased the Board has selected such a strong candidate to lead SMP Parts through its next era of development. It has been a privilege to work for SMP Pats since MVI acquired the company back in 2014

Hans Lidén commented: “We have a new and strong management team in place and an exciting plan to become number one in our industry, both in Sweden as well as internationally. I am delighted to become Chairman of SMP Parts and to help steer the company through the next chapter of its long and strong history. We shall become the first choice for both users as well as the OEMs”.

For further information please contact:

Daniel Nilsson, Partner MVI
+46 (0) 70 655 78 52,

Find a press release in Swedish by following this link

Find the original press release on SMP’s website

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08 Jan 2021
Hemma Bäst group acquires Driftia Förvaltning & Driftia El

Hemma Bäst group expands in Stockholm through the acquisition of Driftia Förvaltning & Driftia El

Norrköping, 5th January 20201

Hemma Bäst group acquires Driftia Förvaltning and Driftia El in Stockholm. Driftia Förvaltning was established in 1993 and has ever since been focused on offering property management services in the Stockholm market. The company has grown over the years and today has sales of approximately SEK80m and 70 employees. Driftia’s former shareholders, mainly consisting of the company’s founders and other key employees, reinvest and become significant partners in the Hemma Bäst group.

Through the acquisition of Driftia, the Hemma Bäst group gains a strong position in the Stockholm area and reaches a total turnover of just under SEK250m. From now on, Driftia will be able to offer all the group’s services, including financial services, and will also have the opportunity to offer its customers the market-leading IT platform Realnode.

“It is gratifying to have such a reputable company as Driftia in the Hemma Bäst group. With this, we also get a very strong presence in the Stockholm area. Together we in the group represent, profitability-creating and scalable facility management – for the new generation of properties, property owners and tenant-owner associations. ” – says Magnus Jansson, Chairman of the Board of Hemma Bäst

“It feels both safe and exciting to continue the development journey for Driftia Förvaltning and Driftia El within the Hemma Bäst family.” – says Peter Almroth, one of three founders of Driftia Förvaltning

Hemma Bäst group’s business concept is present, profitability-creating and scalable management – for the new generation of properties, property owners and tenant-owner associations. We believe in digitalisation and to make it easier for the property owner and the residents to manage their property and have for that purpose developed our proprietary IT platform for our customers.

Find  the press release in Swedish through this link.

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04 Jan 2021
MVI is happy to announce the recruitment of Christian Bylock to the team

Christian Bylock joined MVI during late 2020, and is strengthening the investment team through his key competencies.

Christian has significant experience from buy and sell-side transaction services within small- and midcap transactions, mainly working with entrepreneur-led companies.

Prior to joining MVI Christian worked at BDO for 8 years, two years within auditing and 6 years in the Transaction Services team, mainly focused on buy side due diligence and valuation services.

Christian holds a Master in Business Administration from University of Gothenburg.

We welcome Christian to our team.

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News for 2020
09 Dec 2020
Andreas Westin appointed as new CEO of the Hemma Bäst group

Hemma Bäst gruppen is happy to announce the recruitment of Andreas Westin as new CEO. Mr Westing will start his tenure in mid-January 2021, replacing interim-CEO/Chairman Magnus Jansson. Mr. Jansson will return to his previous position as Chairman of the Board.

Stockholm, the 9th of December 2020

Mr Westin is currently business manager for business area Estate within the Estate FM Group. During his five years in the group, he has built a strong skill set around business development, leadership and facility management. Before Estate FM, Mr Westin had the position of business development manager within Renonorden, where he stayed for more than three years. Before his operational endeavors within Estate and Renonorden, Mr Westin worked as a management consultant at both AT Kearney and Capgemini, over an eight-year period. This period in Mr Westin’s career enabled him with the tools to help companies establish operational excellence and best practice.

As an academic scholar, Mr Westin has a Master’s degree from both Linköpings Institute of Technology and Stockholm University within industrial management and economics, respectively. Apart from his degrees, Mr. Westin has also completed the Executive Management programme at Stockholm School of Economics.

“I feel honored having been appointed as CEO of the Hemma Bäst group and look forward to striving toward a bigger and stronger company together with my new colleagues. Our proprietary software, Realnode, will be a game changer in the market, and I am confident that it will provide a lot of value for all of our existing, and new customers.”, says Andreas Westin

In a comment from Hemma Bäst’s Chairman of the Board and current interim CEO Magnus Jansson, adds “I am glad that Andreas will be joining us in the Hemma Bäst group. With his broad experience from the industry and adjacent verticals, most recently from the Estate FM Group, he will be an important addition to the team. His knowledge within management, sales and operations in larger companies will contribute to our continued journey toward becoming Sweden’s most valuable partner to tenant-owner-associations and property owners.”

Daniel Nilsson, partner MVI, comments that “Andreas Westin has a tailored background to continue developing the Hemma Bäst group into Swedens most digital property manager. Andreas will be able to lever our investments into Realnode in creating market leading services to tenant-owner-associations and property owners. Andreas solid experience in leading larger companies will be highly important in our continued growth journey.”

The Hemma Bäst group’s idea is to offer present, profitable, and scalable management – for the next generation of properties, property owners and tentat-owner-associations. We believe in digitalization and to facilitate owners and residents to manage their property correctly, which is why we have developed Realnode, a proprietary IT-platform for our clients.

For further information, please read more about the Hemma Bäst group by following this link, or contact:

Daniel Nilsson, Partner MVI
+46 (0) 70 655 78 52,

Find a press release in Swedish through this link

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08 Dec 2020
The Hemma Bäst group acquires PART Fastighetsförvaltning AB

The Hemma Bäst group acquires PART Fastighetsförvaltning AB and strengthens its position in southern Sweden.

Norrköping, 7th December of 2020

Anna and Peter Hellström founded the company in 2013 and in only 7 years they have proven themselves in building a business with SEK 40m in sales alongside strong profitability. With a foundation in Halmstad, the company has grown geographically, securing attractive positions both Helsingborg and Ängelholm. All vendors, including CEO Peter Hellström will continue growing the business and join MVI and other investors as owners in the Hemma Bäst Group.

“PART show what one can achieve with strong entrepreneurship. They have built a market leading position in Halmstad and expand their operations in both Halland and northern Skåne. PART will become the Hemma Bäst group’s bridgehead into southern Sweden.” – Magnus Jansson, Interim CEO, Hemma Bäst group

The Hemma Bäst group’s idea is to offer present, profitable, and scalable management – for the next generation of properties, property owners and tentant-owner-associations. We believe in digitalization and to facilitate owners and residents to manage their property correctly, which is why we have developed Realnode, a proprietary IT-platform for our clients.

Find more information about the Hemma Bäst group by following this link, and the original press release in Swedish through this link.

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24 Nov 2020
MVI recruits Kristina Schauman to the Advisory Board of MVI

Stockholm, 24th of November 2020

MVI is happy to announce the recruitment of Kristina Schauman to the MVI Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is involved in evaluating MVI’s investments and advise on other business-related matters.

We welcome Kristina and believe she will bring valuable experience and knowledge to the investment team.

For further information please contact:

Daniel Nilsson, Partner MVI
+46 (0) 70 655 78 52,

Find a more detailed press release in Swedish

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18 Nov 2020
Art Clinic signs agreement with Integrum AB to establish a Center of Excellence for Integrum’s OPRA Implant System

The below press release was featured on Integrum’s webpage

Art Clinic will provide treatment excellence using Integrum’s OPRA™ Implant System and serve as a center for Training and Education for clinicians from around the world.

Please find more information in our Swedish press release

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12 Nov 2020
Patrik Lindqvist appointed as new CEO for SMP Parts

The BoD in SMP Parts has appointed Patrik Lindqvist as new group CEO for SMP Parts. Mr Lindqvist will assume his position during the first quarter of 2021, and replace acting CEO Jonas Lindström, who will resume his positions as Head of Production.

Mr Lindqvist is currently the Head of Retail EMEA at Dometic. During his eight-year tenure at Dometic, he has gathered broad experience from a leading industrial company in the publicly-listed environment, having been CEO in one of the group’s subsidiaries in Germany. Within Dometic, he has primarily worked with creating profitable operations centered around customers, as well as developing a solid skill-set with scalable production, aftermarket and product range. Before Dometic, Mr Lindqvist worked with business development at Sandvik Materials Technology and holds an M.Sc. in Engineering from Linköpings Institute of Techonology as well as completing the Executive Management programme at Stockholm School of Economics.

“SMP Parts is a fantastic company with competent employees, high quality products and innovative solutions. It is a leading company within excavator tools and attachments with in-house production. I am excited and happy to assume my role and to embark on an increased international expansion together with my new colleagues. Delivering high and continuous quality while providing good service to our customer is our number one priority”, says Patrik Lindqvist.

The BoD in SMP Parts is welcoming Mr Lindqvist in his new role and is looking forward to seeing his impact on the company.

Please find an extended press release about the appointment here (in Swedish)

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02 Nov 2020
MVI invests in Biototal for continued sustainable growth

MVI Fund II has signed an agreement to become a majority shareholder in Biototal AB (“Biototal”). Together with the founders and the company’s management, MVI will support Biototal in their continued growth journey.

Stockholm, 2 November of 2020

Biototal is a market leader within circular solutions for the argicultural industry and swedish farmers. After being founded in 2006, Mr Jan Nystedt and Mr Tomas Kjellquist have built their company around putting farmers need’s first, developing products and services for a sustainable food production. The company is offering its customer advice around plant nutrition and crop production and supplies different products within the area.

Biototal, with its base outside of Linköping, has shown strong growth in recent years. Partnering with MVI, Biototal aims to accelerate its growth further.


For more information, please contact:

Stefan Karlsson, Partner, MVI, +46 (0) 70 655 78 52

Tomas Kjellquist, founder Biototal, +46 (0) 73 201 01 21

Jan Nystedt, founder Biototal, +46 (0) 73 201 01 22


Please find a more detailed news release in Swedish here

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13 Oct 2020
MVI recruits Carola Lemne to the Advisory Board of MVI

MVI recruits Carola Lemne to the Advisory Board of MVI

Stockholm, 1st of October 2020

MVI is happy to announce the recruitment of Carola Lemne to the MVI Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is involved in evaluating all new MVI investment and advise the business on other business-related matters. Carola adds significant experience to the board from previous endeavors within the medical field, having been CEO for Danderyds Sjukhus, Praktikertjänst, and Svenskt Näringsliv.

Today, Carola is Chairman for ArtClinic, Internationella Engelska Skolan, and Ung Företagsamhet Sverige. Prior to her current positions, Carola has held positions within e.g. Getinge, Apoteket, MEDA, and Investor.


For further information please contact:

Stefan Karlsson, Partner MVI
+46 (0) 70 601 00 39,


Please find a more detailed news release in Swedish

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16 Sep 2020
MVI acquires PS Auction

MVI acquires PS Auction to support circular growth

Svenljunga, 15th September of 2020

MVI has acquired a majority stake in PS Auction (Company website) – a company active within the circular economy. With a digital auction platform, PS Auction facilitates the reuse of both second hand and new machines, tools, electronics, furniture, and consumer products. PS Auction have been active within bankruptcy auctions and have always been keen on digitalizing their offering.

In 2013, PS chose to clarify their offering through a business model allowing companies to work increasingly sustainable. The company is active throughout Sweden and estimates strong sales growth alongside solid profitability in 2020.

During the spring, the company went out on a quest to find a growth facilitator and partner within their offering for the circular economy. In this process, MVI presented themselves as an interested partner and experienced growth investor. On the 15th of September, the parties teamed up, as MVI invested alongside PS’ previous owners and management. PS Auction has established itself as a leading Swedish platform within the market for circular products and auctions and is now well positioned to take the next steps in its growth journey.

During 2019, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for the company we have wanted to build for a long time. This has proved itself during 2020 as we have delivered a fantastic year so far. We now have a strong concept and it is time to take our next step, which I look forward taking with MVI.”, says Per Henriksson (CEO PS Auction).

The key strategy in the laid business plan is an increased focus on circular growth, delivering sustainable services for a range of clients in Sweden, and later the Nordics. Growth will be facilitated through organic initiatives and business development, where MVI will be working close to the board and the company.

Primarily, we see ourselves as entrepreneurs, which is one of the reasons behind our interest in PS Auction: A family-owned company which has continuously taking new steps in its development, while keeping its strong, local roots. We want to preserve the soul of the company while we target growth.”, says Stefan Karlsson (Partner MVI).

MVI as an active growth investor in the Nordic setting, supporting driven entrepreneurs to take the next steps in their business. Together with the entrepreneur, MVI can add competence and knowledge within a wide array of areas, to create the next generation of Nordic companies.

For more information, please contact:
Stefan Karlsson, Partner MVI
+46 (0) 70 601 00 39,

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29 Jun 2020
MVI completes the first closing on MVI Fund II

Stockholm, 15th June, 2020 – MVI Advisors AB (“MVI”) held a first closing on its second private equity fund, MVI Fund II AB (the “Fund” or “Fund II”) with commitments of SEK 688 million. The Fund has a target of SEK 1 billion.

The Fund will continue to execute the successful strategy implemented by MVI since 2011, through buyout investments in high-quality, small companies in the Nordic region.

Fund II will target control investments in companies that have solid fundamentals, show potential for strong organic growth, lend themselves to buy-and-build strategies and are positioned to take advantage of sustainable industry trends.

MVI has recently completed the investment period of MVI Fund I AB (“Fund I”) with the closing of its sixth platform. The investment, which closed on the 29th of May 2020, was in a Nordic e-commerce company.

Stefan Karlsson, Partner at MVI commented, “We are very pleased to announce a first close on Fund II of SEK 688 million, an amount which surpasses the size of our previous fund and demonstrates the conviction of both existing and new investors in a challenging fundraising market. We believe that the current environment creates significant opportunities to invest and grow companies in the Nordic small-cap segment. We are looking forward to deploying our second fund, given our strong pipeline of attractive opportunities”.

Elm Capital is acting as the exclusive global placement agent for the Fund.

For more information please contact:

Stefan Karlsson                                                     Etienne Deshormes

Partner                                                                    CEO and Managing Partner

MVI Fund II AB                                                    Elm Capital Associates Ltd.

Elm Capital USA Ltd.


Phone: + 46 70 601 00 39                                   Phone: +44 20 7901 8941

Email:                          Email:


Address: Mäster Samuelsgatan 3 SE 111 44

Stockholm, Sweden

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09 Mar 2020
Future plastic surgery will be established at Sophiahemmet!

Med en bekräftad ackreditering meddelar nu Art Clinic att man i februari månad öppnade en klinik på Sophiahemmet Sjukhus och därmed blev en del av Sophiahemmets högkvalitativa vårdutbud.

 I mer än 20 år har Art Clinic bedrivit vårdverksamhet i Göteborg, Jönköping och Uppsala. Under våren har Art Clinic etablerat verksamhet i Stockholm och därmed öppnat sin fjärde specialistklinik. Art Clinic utför specialistvård inom ryggkirurgi, ortopedi, plastikkirurgi och injektionsbehandlingar. Art Clinic har nu genomgått Sophiahemmets noggranna ackrediteringsprocess för att få utföra plastikkirurgi och injektionsbehandlingar på det anrika sjukhuset, som ligger beläget i centrala Stockholm.

Sophiahemmet är Sveriges äldsta privatsjukhus och grundades 1889 av drottning Sophia med visionen att erbjuda en god vård för alla, i takt med tiden. Till grund låg den sjuksköterskeutbildning som drottningen hade startat fem år tidigare med Florence Nightingale som inspiratör, och som fortfarande bedrivs på Sophiahemmet Högskola. Utbildning och forskning är därmed naturligt integrerade i Sophiahemmets sjukhusverksamheter.

Sophiahemmets VD, Peter Seger:

“Art Clinic uppfyller alla våra högt ställda krav här på Sophiahemmet. Vi såg också att Art Clinic kompletterar vårt utbud, med ett tydligt utvecklingsdrivet center för plastikkirurgi.”

Art Clinic har under en längre period genomfört konsultationer på Sophiahemmet men nu har verksamheten utökats med en egen klinik där man utför plastikkirurgi och injektionsbehandlingar.

Ronnie Pettersson, VD och grundare av Art Clinic:

“Ackrediteringen är ett kvitto på att vår verksamhet håller hög kvalitet. Jag är stolt över att vi har blivit ackrediterade och att Sophiahemmet Sjukhus är den plats i Stockholm vi etablerar oss på. Det var vårt förstahandsval och därmed kan vi erbjuda patienterna den bästa möjliga vården inom vårt specialistområde.”

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24 Jan 2020
Pontus Skårner new CEO Great Security

Styrelsen i Great Security AB har utsett Pontus Skårner till ny VD och koncernchef från och med den 10 februari 2020. Pontus kommer närmast från Coor Service Management. Han efterträder Sven-Göran Svensson, som kommer att återgå till sin tidigare roll som operativ chef.

Pontus Skårner är för närvarande chef för ett av de största nordiska kontrakten inom Coor Service Management. Efter tre år som konsult hos McKinsey, 2005 till 2008, har Pontus innehaft olika ledande befattningar inom Coor Service Management. Han har genom Coor fått en gedigen erfarenhet från serviceindustrin och att hantera stora kunder. Han har samtidigt också varit projektledare för den börsintroduktion som Coor gjorde i juni 2015.

I en kommentar säger Great Securitys styrelseordförande Håkan Winberg: – Det är mycket glädjande att Pontus Skårner valt att komma till oss på Great. Pontus har under de senaste elva åren haft en framgångsrik karriär hos Coor och har mycket relevant erfarenhet som han tar med sig till oss. Hans erfarenhet av att ta hand om komplexa och stora kunder är viktig för Great Securitys fortsatta resa.

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News for 2019
26 Sep 2019
Great Security acquires Lås & Säkerhet i Örebro

Read more about the acquisition here.

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11 Jul 2019
Great Security acquires El & Teleanläggningar

Read more about the acquisition here.

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16 Apr 2019
SMP launches full-hydraulic quick attachment

SMP Parts has launched a full hydraulic quick attachment on Bauma. A distinctive feature is that the product has a higher flow than others in the market

We have received inquiries about this for a long time and are happy to finally be able to present a solution with both higher flow and refurbishable connections, says Lasse Blom, SMP Parts.

The Fast Oil Connection bracket comes first in size 60-5, but you will then be using all the most common sizes in the market. SMP’s hydraulic quick coupler is also compatible with other manufacturers’ products, which is a step towards a common industry standard that SMP supports.

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11 Apr 2019
Art Clinic is growing and recruits Carola Lemne as new Chairman of the Board.

Carola Lemne har varit VD för några av Sveriges främsta sjukhus och vårdorganisationer. Nu ser hon fram emot att delta i Art Clinics expansiva skede som deras nya styrelseordförande.

– Jag tycker om när verksamheter drivs av entrepenörer som verkligen tror på vad de gör. Därför drogs jag till Art Clinic, säger Carola Lemne.

Art Clinic är en specialistklinik inom bland annat plastikkirurgi, ortopedi och ryggkirurgi. Carola Lemne anser att verksamheten är en högkvalitativ aktör, inte minst inom plastikkirurgi.

– Det är ett område som ses över axeln av många och det finns tyvärr en del som inte är fullt så noggranna som de borde vara. Men Art Clinic har oerhört höga ambitioner och driver det här på allvar, säger Carola Lemne.

Carola Lemne är från början läkare och har haft en rad olika roller inom vårdbranschen. I 14 år jobbade hon i internationella läkemedelsindustrin i Sverige, Europa och USA. Hon började sedan som VD för Danderyds sjukhus och blev därefter koncernchef för Praktikertjänst – Sveriges största privata vårdbolag. De senaste fem åren har hon varit VD för Svenskt Näringsliv.

Hennes långa erfarenhet gör henne till en stor tillgång för Art Clinic. Som styrelseordförande ser hon fram emot att få komma verksamheten närmare.

– Rollen handlar inte bara om att leda styrelsens arbete, man fungerar också som en coach och bollplank för VD:n. Eftersom jag själv varit VD i många år vet jag att man kan uppskatta den dialogen, säger Carola Lemne.

Art Clinic befinner sig just nu i ett expansivt skede med både nyrekryteringar och en storsats-ning i Stockholm. En viktig fas som Carola Lemne känner sig trygg i.

– Jag har alltid varit mer intresserad av utveckling än av stagnation. Det tilltalar mig att komma in i ett skede där man har tydliga planer på att expandera, särskilt när det är ett koncept som är värt att spridas, säger Carola Lemne.

Carola Lemne ser fram emot att få se företaget växa. Men hon tycker samtidigt att Art Clinic borde hålla fast vid gamla arbetssätt, särskilt när det gäller klinikens nära och personliga kon-takt med sina patienter.

– Just nu känner man alla så utmaningen blir att behålla vår familjära känsla och gemen-samma vision om hur vi ska bemöta våra patienter. Jag ser fram emot att stötta Art Clinics arbete så att vi kan ha kvar den känslan samtidigt som vi blir allt större, avslutar Carola Lemne.

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07 Mar 2019
Molson Group and SMP offer the complete package

Molson Group are pleased to announce they have been appointed the dealer of SMP tilt rotators for England, Scotland and Wales.

For over 30 years SMP have been producing a high-quality range of attachments, buckets and tilt rotators from their state-of-the-art factory in Ilsbo, Sweden. SMP design and build a comprehensive range of tilt rotators to fit excavators ranging from 3t (the ST6) all the way up to 30t (the ST28). The range is comprised of seven models, all painted in a striking blue colour.

The full SMP range is now being rolled out across the Molson Equipment, Molson Compact Equipment and Molson Young Plant Sales businesses, with units available from the 1st June 2019.

By offering the full SMP range, in conjunction with existing brands in the portfolio such as Kobelco and Hyundai, Molson Group will be able to offer customers throughout the UK a one stop shop for anyone looking to source an excavator and tilt rotator package from an established dealer.

Molson Group have sold a number of tilt rotators from a range of brands over recent years, and will continue to maintain a strong relationship with these businesses. Molson will also continue to support customers with warranty work, parts and servicing requirements on legacy units.

Jonathan Wilson, Molson Group joint Managing Director said “SMP have a great approach to business. They listened to what we explained was necessary for their product to be successful in the UK and are working with us to deliver the best possible solution. I can see that this approach, along with their excellent product design and build quality, will give us a unique offer to both existing and new customers”.

Hans Hanses, SMP Parts AB Managing Director said “Molson Group offer a unique route to market for SMP. Not only do they have a large, effective sales team, they also have the knowledge, skills and scale in their aftersales team to support customers to the level required to change the current landscape of the UK tilt rotator market”.

Hans went on to say “Molson Group have already had success in converting customers to adopting tilt rotator technology. This ability to educate customers to the benefits of adopting this technology, along with the ability to offer a complete package to customers using a premium quality base machine, will make it a compelling proposition”.

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News for 2018
20 Nov 2018
Great Security acquires Nacka Lås & Larm

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12 Oct 2018
MVI acquires a majority stake in Los Tacos AS

Svensk oppkjøpsfond investerer i norsk tacokjede

Det svenske oppkjøpsfondet MVI kjøper 50,1 prosent av Los Tacos, en norsk tacokjede startet i Bergen. EIK Gruppen, som eier 37,5 prosent av aksjene etter transaksjonen, tror de nye eierne vil hjelpe selskapet å vokse betydelig fremover.


  • Vi er svært fornøyde med å få inn en etablert aktør som MVI på eiersiden. De tilfører både kompetanse og trygghet til et konsept som vi har sett fungerer, og som vi har store vekstplaner for, sier daglig leder Erlend Karlseng i EIK Gruppen.

Los Tacos består i dag av fem restauranter, fordelt på fem byer i Norge, og åpner sin sjette restaurant i Drammen denne måneden. Majoritetsaksjonær Simon Simonnæs selger 50,1 prosent av aksjene i selskapet til MVI Fund I. Stefan Karlsson, som er partner i MVI, har stor tro på selskapet fremover.

  • Vi følger restaurantbransjen i Norge tett og registrerer at nordmenn spiser oftere og oftere ute. Los Tacos har et godt konsept og et stort utviklingspotensial som vi ser frem til å ta del i, sier Karlsson.

Vil doble antall restauranter i 2019
Los Tacos ble etablert i Bergen i 2012 av amerikaneren Brian Kovary, som senere fikk med seg den bergensbaserte investoren og mannen bak Asian Fusion kjeden SUMO. Kovary ble overrasket over nordmenns forkjærlighet for «fredagstaco» og mente at det norske markedet var overmodent for et restaurantkonsept tilsvarende Chipotle i USA. Nå ønsker selskapet å doble antall restauranter i 2019.

  • Så langt i år ligger vi an til å doble både omsetning og driftsresultatet sammenlignet med i fjor, noe som gir oss motivasjon og kapasitet til å vokse videre. Hvis ting går etter planen dobler vi til tolv restauranter i løpet av 2019, sier Karlseng.

I Juni 2017 kom EIK Gruppen inn på eiersiden i tacokjeden og snudde flere år med negative resultater. I 2017 endte Los Tacos med et årsresultat på 2,7 millioner kroner, og prognosene for 2018 viser at selskapet ligger an til å oppnå et resultat på over 5 millioner i år.

  • Samarbeidet med EIK har vært avgjørende for den sunne driften selskapet har i dag, og jeg vil understreke at dette ikke er slutten, men starten på vårt videre samarbeid. Jeg er veldig spent på å se hva de kan få til sammen med MVI fremover, sier Simon Simonnæ

Erlend Karlseng
Daglig leder EIK Gruppen
Telefon: + 47 988 78 841


Om EIK Gruppen

  • Etablert i 2014 av Erlend Karlseng, Hans Olav Ingholm og Simen Einebærholm, som da var studenter på Norges Handelshøyskole (NHH).
  • Startet som en festivalarrangør og står bak konseptene Landstreff Bergen og Fotballfeber. Har i dag en portefølje bestående av selskapene Nordic Festivals, Los Tacos, Vexo og tech-selskapet Tø
  • Trygve Hegnars investeringsselskap Periscopus kjøpte 20 prosent av aksjene i EIK Gruppen i 2017



  • MVI er en svensk oppkjøpsfond som investerer i små og mellomstore selskaper med et godt utviklingspotensial.
  • Stefan Karlsson og Daniel Nilsson Selskapet tok over ansvaret for PE-investeringer i 2011.
  • MVI har investeringsfondet MVI Fund I som fokuserer på nordiske investeringer med en omsetning på SEK 50-250m.
  • Selskapet har blant annet den tyske matvareprodusenten European Convenience Food Group, med 350 ansatte, som en del av sin portefø
  • Selskapet kjøpte majoritetsandelen av aksjene i den norske restaurantkjeden Los Tacos i oktober 2018.
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11 Sep 2018
MVI divests Lakers to Summit Equity


Stockholm den 10e september 2018


MVI säljer Lakers Holding AB till Summa Equity


MVI har avyttrat Lakers Holding AB (”Lakers”) till Summa Equity. Transaktionen förväntas att slutföras under oktober månad efter konkurrensprövning i Norge.


Lakers startades av MVI i samarbete med Carl Hall (sedermera Styrelseledamot i bolaget) och Carl-Johan Callenholm (sedermera bolagets VD). Bolaget förvärvade initialt 3 verksamheter i Sverige och Norge. Detta följdes av ytterligare 7 förvärv i Norge, Sverige och Danmark. Bolaget har haft fin tillväxt både organiskt och via förvärv och har gått från 60 till 280 miljoner i omsättning. Nu efter 2 år och 8 månader har bolaget fullföljt sin affärsplan att bli en nordisk oberoende spelare inom pumpservice och eftermarknadsförsäljning av pumpar.


”MVI’s vision är att skapa nästa generations stabila medelstora tillväxtbolag i Norden. Jag upplever att Lakers har levt upp till alla dessa kriterier. Det är med varm hand vi nu lämnar över Lakers till nästa ägare för att fortsätta tillväxtresan”

Stefan Karlsson (Partner MVI)


 MVI utvecklar svenskt näringsliv genom att investera i mindre bolag och underlätta deras tillväxt och därigenom bygga starka bolag i Sverige. MVI är erkänt duktiga på att genomföra kostnadseffektiva investeringar med god avkastning till ägarna. MVI arbetar aktivt med värdeskapande i sina bolag via sitt stora nätverk av seniora entreprenörer och industrialister.



För ytterligare information, vänligen kontakta:


Stefan Karlsson, partner MVI.

Tel: +46 70 601 00 39, e-mail:

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06 Sep 2018
Art Clinic opens plastic surgery at Sophiahemmet in Stockholm

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03 Sep 2018
Art Clinic recruits Vice President

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News for 2017
26 Jun 2017
Lighter, stronger and more profitable

Increased breaking power, softer digging and a faster dredging cycle are promised with SMP Parts’ new generation of shovels.

Increased breaking power, softer digging and a faster dredging cycle are promised with Optiline, SMP Parts’ new generation of shovels. According to the manufacturer, it reduces wear on the machine, which increases the service life and reduces fuel consumption.


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05 Jun 2017
MVI recruits Mårten Werner from DnB

MVI has recruited Mårten Werner as Director of the Investment Organization. Mårten is currently Vice President of Leveraged Finance at DNB Bank in Sweden. Mårten will enter his new role in September 2017.

For further information, please contact:

Stefan Karlsson, partner MVI Fund I AB.

Tel: +46 70 601 00 39, e-mail:

MVI develops Swedish business by investing in smaller companies and facilitating their growth, thereby building strong companies in Sweden. MVI is recognized to be able to make cost-effective investments with a good revenue to the owners. MVI works actively with value creation in its companies through its vast network of senior industrialists.


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23 May 2017
Fortnox acquires remaining shares in subsidiary Nox Finans AB and carries out a share issue

Fortnox Aktiebolag (publ) (“Fortnox” or “The Company”) has acquired the remaining 190,498 shares, representing a total of 7.6 percent, in the subsidiary Nox Finans AB (“Nox Finans”) from minority shareholders MVSC Holding Sweden AB and Print It in Tingsryd AB.

The total purchase price amounts to approximately MSEK 31.6 and is paid through a share issue of 898,034 shares in Fortnox. The purchase price is paid through a share issue of 898,034 shares in Fortnox. The purchase price has been determined on the basis of previous shareholder agreements between the parties, whereby MVSC Holding Sweden AB’s holding of 153,000 shares in Nox Finans, equivalent to 6.1% of outstanding shares in Nox Finans, is subject to a financial value equivalent to the double in relation to the number of shares, i.e. approximately SEK 28 million, which is paid through the issue of 800,000 shares in Fortnox. Print It in Tingsryd AB’s ownership of 37,449 shares in Nox Finans, equivalent to 1.5% of outstanding shares in Nox Finans, is charged with a financial value of approximately 3.5 MSEK, which is paid through the issue of 98,034 shares in Fortnox.

In view of this, the Board of Directors of Fortnox, with the authorization of the Annual General Meeting of March 28, 2017, today decided to issue a total issue of 898,034 shares directed at the two minority shareholders. Through the rights issue, the number of outstanding shares in Fortnox increases to 59,315,293 shares and the share capital increases by SEK 17,960.68 to SEK 1,186,305.86.

Following acquisition, Fortnox owns all shares in Nox Finans.

For further information please contact:

Nils Carlsson, CEO Fortnox

+46 76-644 77 00,



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17 May 2017
MVI had a final closing in MVI Fund I

In April, MVI had a final closing of the private equity vehicle “MVI Fund I AB”. MVI has a long history and was founded in 1992. The fund already has two portfolio companies, Lakers Holding AB and Pangolin AB.

MVI focuses on Nordic investments in growth companies with revenue between 50 MSEK and 250 MSEK. MVI has gradually acquired, built and sold companies. MVI is recognised to be able to perform cost-effective business with a good return to the investors. MVI works actively with value creation in its companies through its vast network of senior industrialists.

-“The MVI team look forward to continue our efforts to develop Swedish business by investing in small companies and facilitating their growth and thereby building strong companies in Sweden,” says Stefan Karlsson, Partner MVI Fund I AB.

9 companies have been acquired under Lakers Holding AB in Sweden and Norway thus far. Lakers focus on acquiring smaller companies within the pump sector.

Pangolin AB focuses on security installation and service companies. Three companies have been acquired thus far.

For further information, please contact:

Stefan Karlsson, partner MVI Fund I AB.

Tel: +46 70 601 00 39, e-mail:

MVI develops Swedish business by investing in small companies and facilitating their growth and thereby building strong companies in Sweden. MVI is recognized to be able to make cost-effective investments with a good return to the investors. MVI works actively with value creation in its companies through its vast network of senior industrialists.


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27 Apr 2017
Tobias Mattsson appointed new CEO of NordicFeel

Tobias Mattson will start in May and has been the commercial manager of NordicFeel in the past year.

“When I was recruited to NordicFeel almost a year ago, I quickly realized what potential and opportunity there was in this company and industry and since then I have been fully employed in developing processes and structures that now show results and are well ahead of the future. The challenge is adopted and together with other employees we will bring this to new heights”, says CEO Tobias Mattsson in a press release.

The company’s CFO, Lars-Olof Arvidsson, will also act as vice president and assume responsibility for operational processes.


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12 Apr 2017
New CEO of SMP Parts

Hans Hanses takes 1 July, the President’s chair in SMP Parts, a job that entails major challenges. The growing company is in a very expansive phase with high hopes of continued growth in both Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.

A few years ago, SMP Parts in Ilsbo got new owner with strong economy, long business experience and a strong drive to develop the company. With a strong economy in the back began a journey that led to the company has grown dramatically over a few years, among other things by investing significantly harder outside Scandinavia. Last year it was also pronounced the tough goal to double its sales until 2020.

The person that will now lead the company into the next phase, starting at mid-year, is Hans Hanses from Östersund, an experienced business leader who began his career as a self-employed home in Jämtland. The last twenty years he has held various management positions where he was member of the team and had both earnings- and personnel responsibility.

Most recently, he served as CEO of Zepro which manufactures and sells tail lifts for trucks and trailers. Among previous assignments are the CEO job at Engcon Nordic and Mähler & Sons.

Basically, Hans Hanses is a mechanical engineer, but has built on the experience by including studying the organization, management and economics. – With Hans at the helm, we get a knowledgeable and experienced leader who led several manufacturing companies successfully for many years. We believe that Hans has both the skills and the drive needed to take SMP Parts to the next level, says the company’s current CEO Lars-Göran Stenberg.

SMP Parts has recruited Hans Hanses as CEO of the company, starting at mid-year.



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26 Jan 2017
InkClub buys Nordicink: “A fantastic company”

Consolidations are a natural consequence within ink and toners, according to the CEO of Nordic E-Commerce Group.

Yesterday could reveal that the board of Nordicink had been completely replaced by the board of Inkclub. The CEO of Inkclub now confirms that a deal has been done.

– I can confirm that Inkclub have bought Nordicink. This is a logical transaction on a very mature market. Nordicink is a great company with talented and skilled staff who will be able to contribute much to Inkclub. Otherwise, I have no further comments, he says to

The Seller, Nordic E-Commerce Group, has owned and operated Nordicink for 17 years and CEO Henrik Löfberg says that although it has gone well so far, so it was time to take the next step.

– Ink and toners are now in a mature market and consolidations are a natural consequence of such an industry. We have ourselves conducted a number of successful acquisitions in recent years, among other things, and Handyink and have integrated them well into our business.

“A logical transaction”

The sale to Inkclub took place just before Christmas and Henrik Löfberg do not have much more to say about the matter than that he wishes the new owners every success with the development of the business.

– We saw this as a logical transaction and believe that the new owners are able a to continue to successfully sell ink and toners for many years to come, he comments.

How much did Inkclub pay for NordicInk?

– Regarding the purchase price neither want nor can I comment on it more than that it occurred at a level that both the buyer and seller are satisfied with, says Henrik Löfberg.


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News for 2016
29 Jun 2016
Handyink becomes part of Nordicink

Nordicink takes over Handyink to push it further under the brand Nordicink. The transfer takes place through the acquisition of operations including domains and taking over customer records.

Read more here.

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29 Mar 2016
MVI closes its first fund and makes its first acquisition

MVI has now closed its first fund, MVI Fund I AB. MVI has a long history and was founded in 1992. Previously acquisitions were made through a holding company, but now the first buyout fund started. When the fund was closed, its first acquisition was also carried out.

“MVI works in a unique niche in order to strengthen and develop the Swedish small enterprise. There are so many growth opportunities not taken advantage of in Swedish industry, “says Finn Johnsson, Chairman of MVI Fund I AB.

MVI focuses on Nordic investments in growth companies with a turnover between SEK 50 million and SEK 250 million. MVI has gradually acquired and divested companies and is recognized as skilled at implementing cost-effective business with good returns to shareholders. Today owns MVI four portfolio companies. These will not be added into the fund, but will remain in the holding company.

“We in the MVI team are looking forward to continue our work on building strong companies in Sweden. MVI Fund I will be a natural extension and intensification of the work done within the MVI for almost 25 years, “says Stefan Karlsson, MVI Partners Fund I AB.

MVI also has a unique industrial network with broad expertise and solid operational and industrial experience. The network is important to feed investment ideas, additional acquisitions and for appointment of board assignments. MVI seek investments with growth potential, companies whose potential can be realized in a structured and professional ownership where MVI can increase the growth rate.

MVI Fund I AB made its first investment February 5th 2016. Three companies were acquired in Sweden and Norway under the name Lakers Holding AB. Lakers focuses on acquiring smaller companies in the pump industry.

MVI has previously through the holding company invested in the SMP Parts AB and Nordic e-Commerce Group. SMP Parts is a leading provider of excavator equipment in the Nordic countries, such as their Tiltrotator. Nordic E-Commerce Group AB is a leading e-commerce group that operates and The companies in MVIs holding company’s portfolio has performed well.

For further information, please contact:
Stefan Karlsson, partner MVI Fund I AB.
Tel: +46 70 601 00 39, e-mail:

Read more here.

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29 Mar 2016
MVI Fund I is a member of SVCA

MVI Fund I is now a member of SVCA, an association for partakers in Private Equity (Buyout & Venture Capital) and a business angel networks.

Read more about SVCA here.

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News for 2015
17 Dec 2015
Happy Holidays from the MVI team!

This year we have given a donation to UNICEF to help children who are on the run from a conflict.



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02 Dec 2015
Nordic Feel and Nordicink has for the fifth year in a row been appointed this year’s e-retailers

Nordic Feel and Nordicink has for the fifth year in a row been appointed this Year’s E-retailers in the categories Health & Beauty and Ink & Toners. The awards are based on consumer reviews and both companies achieved top rankings, Nordicink 4.6 and Nordic Feel 4.7 (5.0)

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06 Nov 2015
Nordicink once again a Superföretag

The magazine Veckans Affärer compiles an annual list of Sweden’s Super Companies, companies that have had strong growth for at least four years, sustainable earnings, good returns and low debt. With these tough requirements, in 2015 only 496 Swedish companies positioned themselves on the list, about one percent of the 50,000 companies with sales of over 10 million. Nordicink is one of few online merchants who qualified for this exclusive list.

Read more here.

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16 Sep 2015
New Sales and Marketing Director at SMP Parts AB

Daniel Myrgren has been appointed as the new Sales and Marketing Director at SMP Parts AB. He most recently held the position as Sales Manager and Vice President of Voith Turbo Safeset AB. With over 15 years of experience in technical sales, leadership and global sales; Daniel will have a major role in the SMP’s continued international expansion.

As marketing and sales director Daniel will be part of Group Management and have overall responsibility for SMP Group’s marketing, sales and aftersales.

Daniel Myrgren will start on 1 January, 2016.

Read more here.

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10 Jun 2015
Changes in the SMP Board of Directors

At the Annual General Meeting on the 14th of April Lars-Göran Stenberg and Hans Pettersson were elected as new board members. Both have extensive experience with leadership roles within the manufacturing industry, nationally and internationally and can provide valuable knowledge and important contacts to SMP.

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12 May 2015
SMP Parts expands in Finland

SMP Parts expands in Finland and has appointed Jens Björk as a Sales Manager for SMP Parts in Finland. Mr. Björk has over 30 years experience of working in the construction industry and for the last 10 years he has worked solely with tiltrotators and construction machinery.

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30 Apr 2015
Growth in the neighboring Nordic countries for Nordic e-Commerce Group

Nordic E-Commerce Group is growing in the neighboring Nordic countries.

Read the article here.

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18 Mar 2015
Harald Kjessler is a new member of the Board in MVI Equity AB

Harald Kjessler was elected as a new member of the Board at the AGM in MVI Equity AB on 18 March. Harald holds an MBA from the University of Lund and has over 25 years’ experience from the financial sector where he has worked for, among other things Trygg-Hansa and E. Öhman J: or Securities, among others.

MVI welcome Harald Kjessler to the Board.

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09 Mar 2015
Stefan Tilk – new board member in Noxon

Stefan Tilk will join the board of Noxon in March 2015. Stefan Tilk has 10 years of President and SVP positions from VolvoGroup, 15 years of international experience and has been CEO of Geveko, listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. Mr Tilk has a solid track record from managing international and multicultural Businesses, Industrial sales in the North American region and deep industrial knowledge.

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03 Mar 2015
SMP Parts enters the French market

SMP Parts will launch its high quality tools and attachments for excavators and backhoe loaders onto the French market this spring.

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10 Feb 2015
NECG acquires Beauty Planet

Nordic E-Commerce Group (NECG) acquires Beauty Planet from inkclub Development AB and continues to drive growth in the beauty segment online.

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05 Feb 2015
NECG acquires e-butiken

Nordic E-Commerce Group (NECG) acquires and continues to grow in the segment Inks & Toners online. The acquired company has in recent years shown good growth but with negative operating income, which is now to be broken and reversed to profit.

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News for 2014
19 Dec 2014
New CEO appointed for SMP Parts AB

Lars-Erik Klas has been appointed as the new CEO of SMP Parts AB. Lars-Erik previously worked as head of production at Iggesund Paperboard. Previously, he has worked at Voith Turbo Safeset and at Hiab.

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02 Dec 2014
NordicFeel selected as the Marketer of the year

Nordic Feel and Nordicink has for the fourth year in a row been appointed this Year’s E-retailers in the categories Health & Beauty and Ink & Toners. The awards are based on consumer reviews and both companies achieve top rankings, Nordicink 4.7 and Nordic Feel 4.8 (out of 5.0).

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04 Nov 2014
Karl-Emil Engström joins MVI

Karl-Emil has significant experience from buy- side transaction and has acted as an advisor in more than 35 small- and midcap transaction. Prior to joining MVI Karl-Emil worked at Grant Thornton for 7 years. Karl-Emil holds a Master in Business Administration from Stockholm University

We welcome Mr. Engström to our team

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03 Nov 2014
New CEO appointed for Noxon

The Board has appointed Jens Johansson as the new CEO of Noxon AB. Jens is 38 years old, holds a Master of Engineering from Chalmers and comes from a position as Sales & Marketing Manager at ABB Group. Mr. Johansson has 13 years of industrial experience from ABB. Mr Johansson’s previous positions includes Sales & Market Manager and Business Development Manager for various divisions within ABB. Mr Johansson started his career as an Executive Trainee in 2001 and has since then continuously received management training within ABB. Jens will assume his position on November 3, 2014.

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30 Jun 2014
Acquisition of SMP Parts

MVI have together with Fouriertransform acquired SMP Parts AB. SMP Parts AB is leading designer and manufacturer of high quality equipment and tools for excavators and backhoe loaders. MVI and Fouriertransform see the huge potential in the company and will focus on sales. The products will be marketed more intensively in order to increase the international market share. The long term goal is to increase SMP’s production.

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01 Jun 2014
Eichkamp add-on acquisition

Eichkamp makes an add-on acquisition of the competitor Karl Kemper. The owners of Eichkamp have worked focused to str
ucture a deal with the competitor Karl Kemper that was the most attractive add on acquisition in the German market for Eichkamp.

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02 Apr 2014
Kara Laliberté joins MVI

Kara has 5 years’ experience from the financial sector and has previously worked at Oslo Børs and the Nordic marketplace Burgundy, where she has worked as an Information manager and a Business analyst. Kara holds a degree in Real estate & Finance from the Royal Institute of technology.
We welcome Ms. Laliberte to our team.

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