A digitization journey in the accounting world

By Mårten Werner

Bfree was started with the idea to digitize accounting services. To build a system so efficient that accounting consultants could free up valuable time to help their clients grow.

We met the founders Antti and Vera Antonov during the summer of 2020. They had come very far in the development of their software but mostly used it in their own accounting firm. The time was ripe to look beyond and elevate the industry.

MVI has many years of experience in digitizing industries and developing software, like in the investment cases NoxFinans and Flow Fastighetsvärden. We understood the true power of applying a digital way of working. Together we designed a strategy to attract a group of likeminded accounting firms all over Sweden who would love to free up valuable time to support their customers’ growth journey.

In the fall of 2021, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. The focus was clear. Bfree would primarily target smaller customers and offer a digitized accounting service with personal service. All customers would get the attention, the care and the right support to develop their business.

It’s a committed group of investors on this growth journey. In addition to MVI, the majority owner, the sellers, management as well as industrial advisors all invest in Bfree. We see a big potential in serving the small customers as catalysts for growth. They need support to dare to grow – to expand their frame of mind of what is possible and the steps to get there.